Exterior Design

The appearance of the new BMW ALPINA D5 S is defined by an athletic flair and natural elegance. ALPINA design and aerodynamic elements emphasize its performance character and strike a harmonious balance, which underlines the powerful shape of the modern BMW 5 Series.

The design blends form and function – Large openings at the front of the vehicle allow the flow of air to the individual components of the high performance cooling system. The active BMW kidney grill closes when cooling permits in order to improve the aerodynamic drag coefficient. ALPINA aerodynamic components reduce uplift on the front and rear axle to almost zero for maximum driving stability at all speeds.

Engineering finesse meets timeless design. The ALPINA CLASSIC 20“ forged wheels with unmistakable twenty spokes and minimalistic design lead to a significant reduction (nearly 25%) of unsprung masses which in combination with especially for ALPINA developed Pirelli super high performance tyres benefits handling, steering feel and comfort. Exclusive paint finishes in ALPINA Blue metallic and ALPINA Green metallic are a hallmark feature reserved solely for BMW ALPINA automobiles. Other BMW and BMW Individual paint finishes are likewise available.

Unmistakable ALPINA

The world famous decorative stripes, officially known as the ALPINA Deco-Set, are more than an homage to the 70s and 80s, they are an indispensable part of the ALPINA heritage. The Deco-Set set has a pinstripe-like and very fine horizontal design and can be optionally applied to the vehicle front and sides in either Silver or Gold.

The traditional colours of Blue and Green are irreversibly associated with our company. These colours also form the basis of the two exclusive ALPINA paint finishes ALPINA Blue metallic and ALPINA Green metallic. A large number of BMW and BMW Individual paint finishes as well as custom paintwork are also available for the new BMW ALPINA D5 S.

A nice touch: the new ALPINA lettering in the front spoiler which combines aesthetics and engineering. The free-standing design allows the integration of an additional opening in the front apron which allows the unhindered flow of air to one of the external coolers. The lettering is available in Silver, Gold or Black ‘high-gloss’.